Special Events

Halloween 2022 Cosplay Contest

We host a ton of enjoyable events friendly for all ages!
Here you can find dates for some of our highly anticipated events!

 Pre-Release Draft Tournaments:

Magic the Gathering: Phyrexia - All Will Be
All will be Compleated in the new set from Wizards of the Coast!
As the first standard set of 2023, expect beautiful art, amazing playability, and a hint of poison!

Most excitingly, we see the return of the Queen of Phyrexia- Elesh Norn!

Don't miss the chance to pull one of the new Oil Slick Foils!

$27.99 will get you 1 Pre-Release Draft Kit and 1 Set Pack just for entering!

Play for packs, promos, and glory!

*All Product will be available for purchase Feb. 3rd @ 11am*

Northtown Dates:
February 3rd @ 6pm

February 4th @ 1pm

February 5th @ 12pm

 Valley Dates:
February 3rd @ 6pm
February 4th @ 12pm

Local Championships:



Northtown D&D Mini Paint Night!

Stop into the Northtown Location Thursday, February 2nd @ 6pm to participate in a community driven paint night!
Entry will cover 1 Mini and a set of paints to set your artist soul ablaze!
Entry is $14.99!

Stop in and meet a few like minded people and share an evening of laughs and brainstorming!
All experience levels welcome!

Northtown Cosplay Contest!
Saturday, January 7th @ 1pm!

Return to Northtown to participate in our Cosplay Contest!
Judged by Knowledgeable Cosplayers including guests from the KuroNekuCon Staff!
This event will be Sponsored by KuroNekuCon!


Participate for the chance for Gift Certificates for The Comic Book Shop
Over $100 in Gift Certificate prizes! Prizing categories for Adults & Kids (12 & Under)

10% Discount for everyone who comes dressed up on the day of the contest!