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Special Events

Halloween 2021 Cosplay Contest

We host a ton of enjoyable events friendly for all ages! Here you can find dates for some of our highly anticipated events!

Draft Events:

Flesh & Blood: Uprising Pre-Release!

The drums of war sound for miles, but the horns of revolution reach ever farther.
Will the cold breeze bring you wisdom? Will the dragon-fire ignite your rage? Or will the Imperials bring the reign of Dragons?

Explore the world of Volcar, a world split by an intense civil war. Take action on either side to bring victory to your nation.


Every entry will add a pack to the prize pool, you will be given 6 packs to construct a 30 card deck around the new heroes!
Compete for 1 of 16 Rainbow Extended Art Foils or 1 of 16 Regular Rainbow Foils!

Join us at Northtown on June 18th @ 1pm and ignite the flames of war!

Magic the Gathering: Battle for Baldur's Gate Pre-Release Draft


Relive the epic battle at Baldur's Gate through the Commander Legends set for 2022.
Featuring a unique draft experience, battle in a Limited Commander duel of 60 cards!

Hosted at Both Northtown and Valley, compete for Pack Prizing and get an additional Set Pack with entry!

Northtown Dates:
June 3rd @ 6pm
June 4th @ 1pm
June 5th @ Noon

Valley Dates:
June 3rd @ 6pm

Bonus Events:

Dungeons & Dragons Mini Paint Night, May 26th @ 6pm


Highly anticipated Paint Nights are back! Hosted at our Northtown store, come socialize
with other D&D enthusiasts in a fun night of mini painting. Entry covers 1 mini and a small amount
of painting supplies. Join us and meet new people! Entry Fee of $14.99 at time of sign-up.


Northtown Cosplay Contest
June 11th @ 

We are back for another community cosplay event! Join us in your favorite attire!
We welcome all ages and skill levels to this event, so please come show shine as your truest self.

Hosted at the Northtown Location, participate for the chance to win a gift certificate for anything in the store!
Adults division will compete for a 1st and 2nd place prize of $50 and $25 respectively, while the children's division
will compete for one $25 gift certificate.