Special Events


Halloween 2022 Cosplay Contest

We host a ton of enjoyable events friendly for all ages!
Here you can find dates for some of our highly anticipated events!


 Local Championships

Pokémon League
Saturday, May 18th @ 12pm

Come on down to the Northtown Comic Book Shop for our League Cup!

Entry of $14.99 directly supports the prize pool for this Championship event!

Top players will receive a massive bump to their championship points, directly tied to Nationals invites!
Battle it out to show why you are the very best, and leave none standing!

Pokemon League Challenge
Tuesday July 23rd @ 6pm

Come on down to the Northtown Comic Book Shop four our League Challenges!

We currently have 1 date up with another one around the corner, come play for Champion Points!

Build that portfolio to the sky and show your opponent why you deserve the shot at being the World Champion!

$9.99 Entry goes directly to the prize pool to make this a close and thrilling battle!

Disney Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship

Saturday, July 20th @ 11am

May be an image of 6 people and text that says 'The Gonic Book TheConicBookShyg 00kShoy Shop NORTHTOWN ប្ម្ក្របន់ Disney LORCANA TRADING CARD TRADINGCARDGAME GAME LORCAN Ursulas Return Championship Saturday Sat July 20th @ 11am!'

Come on down to the Northtown Comic Book Shop for our Lorcana Ursula's Return Championship event starting at 11am!

Entry will be $9.99 and everyone who signs up will get 15% off packs!

Come play in this special event for your chance to get exclusive promos and playmats featuring Ursula!


Pre-Release Tournaments

Magic the Gathering: Bloomburrow

Friday, July 26th @ 6pm - Pizza Included
Saturday, July 27th @ 1pm

Sunday, July 28th @ 12pm

Social Events

Cosplay Contest

Saturday, August 3rd @ 1pm

Join us at Northtown for our Quarterly cosplay contests!

Hosted by experienced judges, bring your favorite or most elaborate cosplays for the chance to win one of our amazing prizes!

Prizing for 1st and 2nd in the Adults Division, with Kids having a 1st place winner!

Choosing a winner is always so hard, because all of you do such an amazing job at making your characters come to life!

D&D Mini Paint Session

Sunday, September 8th @ 1pm
$14.99 Entry

Join us for Mini Paint Sessions! $14.99 gets you 1 mini and a set of paints!
Hosted at our Northtown location, gather with your friends and paint a mini together.
Learn from experienced painters, and take that knowledge forward into your next campaign setting!