October 11 and 25

First up 11 – I forgot to hit post…..

FanNexus was last week. It did not go well.
The basic idea of the con is really pretty good. Seven immersive environments where the convention goer can enjoy being in an Anime or Steampunk or SuperHero world and revel in the wonder of each….
Tuesday night at 8:30 they dropped off fliers for all you customers who hadn’t heard of the show with a hefty discount but told me that I couldn’t mention the discount on our Facebook or Website. That left two days to give away coupons which really isn’t enough time to get things moving.
I had offered to help promote it during the past year with fliers and posters and mentions on all of our digital accounts but they never took us up on it until two days before the show.
They offered me a table for giving out the fliers and I told them that I could put out free comics but really wasn’t set up to man it for three days on a couple of days notice. I am glad I wasn’t able to set anything up as attendance was quite sparse.
A video surfaced Friday afternoon of a nearly empty show spread over 165,000sf. Room after room of empty. A room with 150 chairs and a large screen tv sitting empty, a massive lounge with no loungers etc.
I took the kids down on Saturday and my daughter went though the entire show and then went through it again to make sure she didn’t miss anything and it took her about 45 minutes. My son did enjoy the nerf sword fighting and could have probably done that for several hours with small breaks to switch to larger nerf weapons and an hour on the cooperative video space ship simulator but he did not argue when I said it was time to leave….
The immersive environments did not live up to their original idea or sales pitch. The Anime section was basically a CandyLand game walk through with some anime cutouts which took less than two minutes as we drug it out. The steampunk section was a 32 foot long section of steampunk items sitting on tables and a couple of larger items that people had made. $65 for a three day pass or $40 per day was a pretty stiff cost for what was there.
I think if they had tried a single day or perhaps two days at a third the price and more content, it could have been a show that would have at least satisfied people but as it was, there just wasn’t enough there to justify anything. I was told several dealers packed up Saturday and didn’t stick around for the final day and the the dealers that did stay told me that Sunday was even worse than the previous days if that were possible.
Seeing Walter Koenig just sitting at an empty table waiting for someone, anyone to buy a pic or get an autograph was kind of disheartening. A bit of advertising might have made a difference but in the end, the content just was not there whether they had more attendees or not. -Craig!

Its Christmas stocking up time! We have pallets and boxes of new and recent items building up for the December madness which is almost upon us! Its only 9 Fridays until Christmas!

4 October 2017

Fan Nexus Convention is this coming weekend! It’s an immersive adventure with seven different genre themed worlds taking place at the Spokane Convention Center Friday through Sunday. Just for customers of The Comic Book Shop, we have a special entry deal that you can only get with a coupon that you pick up in store! It is an extremely attractive offer and you can only get the coupon and code in our stores!
The Fan Nexus is an extremely daring event and if they can pull off what they are promising, it will be a game changer and will probably be integrated to a degree in most of the larger conventions in the US. Check out their website for more info:
I got the first batch of books back from the comic book grading company CGC and its pretty good. X-men 1 is 5.0, Tales for Astonish 13, the first Groot 3.0, Incredible Hulk 2 6.5, Tales of Suspense 39 the first Iron Man 3.0, Fantastic Four 12 the first Hulk Thing meeting 6.5, Fantastic Four 5 the first appearance of Doctor Doom 6.5, Avengers 1 4.0, Avengers 4 the first silver age Captain America 3.0 and Daredevil 1 3.0.
The best news is Fantastic Four #1 which came in at 6.0 and The Incredible Hulk #1 at 5.0 which is really good for both but even better is that they are both graded with White Pages which is really rare on both books.
I will be sending in another batch of the books this week. The hardest part of getting the books back with that nice of a grade will be selling them. I haven’t been tempted to keep any books in quite awhile but these are making me think “instant mega collection.” I will have to fight that urge.
Speaking of back issues, we have put out a ton more back issues from the 80’s and 90’s and we have lots more that are ready to be processed! Really cool stuff.

6 September 2017

The new racks are up at division. Some of them anyway. I will probably add more in the next couple months.
So far we have the ability to add 30 long boxes of new back issues and have already added over 1,000 new comics last week.
Everything from Spawn to Lady Death and Wildcats went out as it seemed to be the best of the early 90’s! We still have about 4 more long boxes to go and all are backerboarded and cover pretty much everything that came out from DC, Marvel, Image and the early split offs from Image during a 4 or so year period of time.
I am going to move most of the games back to the Northtown mall location but we will be keeping a top 20 best sellers in the US section.
If you are interested in playing any games we are currently running D&D, Heroclix, Magic, Pokemon and YuGiOh. Please check the calendar on our webside for times and updates on new games. We have a Pokemon League Cup this Sunday which is always a nice competitive tournament with some really great prizes from Pokemon including special playmats!
The new and old toys section at the division store is slowly growing and will soon overwhelm the area that the games currently inhabit. I should have a new load of old/new toys in the next week or so to bring it back to overstocked!
Just because I didn’t have enough back issues to go through and price, I picked up about 3,000 more which are being added to the pile. More 90’s books primarily DC and Marvel with just a few Image and independents.
We got in our new Comic Book Shop T-shirts this week! It’s a reprint of our last design which is the Logo Front version. I intended to create a new one but time kept slipping by and it wasn’t happening so I went with what they had in their files to get the ball rolling. More designs hopefully in the next few months! This run of shirts is only $9.95 and runs from small to 6xl in mens sizes and s to 2xl in Womens cut! The quality is extremely nice.
New comics have now been ontime for 3 weeks in a row! Hopefully I didn’t jinx it but we may be back on a regular schedule until the middle of December when its always a bit wonky.
Division got in a good order of action figures and other toys this week which is the start of the mid year makeover where they will replace a chunk of the games we sell there. We will be keeping the top 25 or so best sellers from the national sales lists which should be a much better fit for the store rather than trying to do it all along with all the other stuff we sell. Onward and upward!

I am heading off to look at a comic collection this afternoon which, if I get it, will give us some really amazing books including a pretty copy of Fantastic Four #1 and most of the other #1’s and first appearances of the early Marvel Silver Age! Keep your fingers crossed!

We just got in a full run of the Walking Dead trade paperbacks used and in really nice shape if you are looking to spend the next 48 buried in zombies!

From a recent collection I picked up I started making packs of mini series from the 90’s through the early 2000’s. Its a great way to read some full stories, many of which have never been reprinted in trade form, without having to hunt down that random issue that always seems to be missing from a set. Even better, I got a really great deal on them so I am pricing them really low!

We have a massive reorder of POP! figures this next week! It looks like somewhere over 1,500 figures which will be split between Division and Northtown and a new small section at CandyWorks!

The mall location is having a huge back to school backpack sale with 25% off all backpacks in stock! Lots of Anime and Manga and a ton of Pokemon all ready for your first day of school or new job!

I bought another really large Marvel collection a week ago or so which included complete runs of Fantastic Four, Avengers, Daredevil, Strange Tales, Tales to Astonish, Hulk 1,3,5, Tales of Suspense 39 and tons more keys and amazing books! Looking up on this note, I mentioned that I was heading out to look at this collection. Short story shorter, I got it….

The big books are all at CGC in Sarasota FL and arrived just in time to see all the sites including the biggest hurricane to hit the US in a century! They will have quite a tale to tell when they float back into town.

I just noticed that I have been forgetting to actually publish these notes on our website for the past month…. They have been sitting in the draft portion and I have just been adding to them…..

The game section at Division has now been mostly moved to the mall location and have been replaced with hundreds of POP! figures! We will just be keeping the bigger sellers in stock instead of chasing everything.

I am going to post this one right now just so I dont forget again!

2 August 2017

Kuronekocon was last weekend. Two days of Anime and Manga madness with over 2,400 of our closest friends! It took me three trips in our mega sized store van to get everything there and only only one and a quarter trips to get the rest of it back out! It was a very busy and good show and everyone looked like they were enjoying it!
Thanks to all the staff that helped us have a great show and to Carly who came back from the world beyond working here to help man the tables.
We had a Pokemon pre-release weekend the weekend before Kuronekocon and it was the largest turnout that we have had so far. One hundred and fifteen people split between two tournaments which from what we can tell looks to be the largest pre-release in the state! There are still several days that events can be run so someone might beat our totals, but its looking pretty good so far! What those numbers mean for us is that we will get enough pre release kits for 168 players in the next set! Pokemon is now running neck and neck with Magic in overall sales for us! Not bad for just starting their events a couple of years ago.
I am putting some new shelves this week to handle back issues at the Division location. We seem to have a lot more comics than room so its time to build upwards. The new shelves will allow us to put in another 30 or so long boxes (about 10,000 comics) which should solve all our space problems for about 8 days…

26 July

This weekend is Kuronekocon! Two days of Anime and Manga madness and panels and cosplay unequalled by any other show in Spokane! Two days of dances, merchandise, near heat exhaustion, video games, streaming anime rooms, nerf sword battles, computer and video gaming and live cosplay chess await you.
Please go to https://kuronekocon.com for all the information on this show and we will see you there!
We have started moving a bit into the classic toy market and will be dedicating some room to it near our current toy section. Please check back each week for new stuff! So far we are putting out 30 to 40 ‘new’ old cool toys each week.
We are currently putting out about 1,000 new back issue comics. This week it’s the best of the 90’s! Lady Death, Vampirella, Pitt, Maxx, Aria and more! We also put out about 500 Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck from the 60’s through the 90’s. Most are priced from $1 to $3!
Hopefully all of our shipments will be back on regular schedules! 5 of 6 weeks they have been late for us which means the books don’t hit the stands until about noon which is really annoying for the both of us. Keep your fingers crossed.

June 9th

The Lilac City Comicon was last weekend and it was by all accounts a success! I don’t know the final attendance numbers but it was crowded from the beginning of Saturday morning nearly to close on Sunday afternoon.
Generally the second day of a show is rather slow which is why I was so much against it but I was wrong about this one. I think there was probably 2/3 as many people the second day and nearly as many costumes as day one. It was a really good day business wise as well which was the biggest surprise of all. I think most dealers were pretty happy compared with other shows.
The next show up is Kuronekocon which is the Anime/Manga show! If you thought there were lots of costumes at Lilac City, you aint seen nothing yet….. Where 20% of the attendees were in costume this last weekend, probably 60% or more will be dressed up for this one. We have six or so tables at that show and have an insane amount of costumes and plush figures and stuff and we bring in lots of new stuff from Hong Kong just for the event! That will be July 29th and 30th.
We sell passes for Kuronekucon at the Mall store only.
We just got in two Spawn collections 1-40 and 50-200! If you are missing any now is your chance. The first 20 are pretty common but after that its really spotty and they don’t show up that often in large groups.
Life lesson of the week. I just had the oil changed in my van and requested the cheapest service as it’s a new van and really doesn’t need special treatment etc. I was informed that the computer at the oil change place recommends synthetic oil as that’s what was in the vehicle and was only $79.99. I told them I wanted the $30 service and was informed with lots of hand gestures that you cant just switch oils, it has to be a step down process or it will adversely affect the engine. My ‘huh, I have never heard that one before’ mixed with my natural look of ‘do you have to have your mother help you with your shoelaces each morning?’ had him backpedaling pretty quick and he offered the basic service. The lesson is you can switch at any time as many times as you want and unless your car requires it or is really high miles, save the $40. Synthetic oil is regular oil with extra additives and is not a magical brew. The more you know! -Craig!

April 30th

Lilac City Comicon is this weekend! We will be there both days selling…. T-shirts! T-shirts and hoodies are the winners this year and we will have somewhere over 1,500 of them all on super sale! The more we sell the more new ones we can get in at the mall location so we want to sell a lot!

If you still need tickets we have a few left at both stores. The VIP tickets are gone but we still have day passes. You can save a few dollars by buying in store rather than online.

I think we will also be selling fidget spinners at the show as well. We just got in a massive order from one of our vendors so what better venue than a group of 5,000 happy people that need something shiny and spinny.

I have decided to start bringing in more collector toys to the Division location which should start in the next month or so. It takes a bit of time before everything arrives.

The Division location is now buying Magic singles Monday through Thursday 11-4! Adam will be your point of contact. Please call first to make sure he is here just to be safe.