New Comics for 7 March 2018

This list is overly complete. “How is that so?” you scream in wonder? Overly complete? It contains items that were special orders that we dont currently have available for sale – unless you ask us to order them for you! It also contains a list of variant covers that we may have received and have had orders for. On to the list!

Bane Conquest #10
Batman #42 vol 3
Batman #42 vol 3 variant
Batman White Knight #6
Batman White Knight #6 variant
Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #5
Bombshells United #13
Deathstroke #29 vol 4
Deathstroke #29 vol 4 variant
Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles #3
Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles #3 variant
Green Arrow #38 vol 6
Green Arrow #38 vol 6 variant
Green Lanterns #42
Green Lanterns #42 variant
Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #6
Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #6 variant
Harley Quinn #39 vol 3
Harley Quinn #39 vol 3 variant
Injustice 2 #21
Jetsons #5 vol 5
Jetsons #5 vol 5 variant
Justice League #40 vol 4
Justice League #40 vol 4 variant
Mister Miracle #5 vol 3 second print
Nightwing #40 vol 3
Nightwing #40 vol 3 variant
Shade The Changing Woman #1
Shade The Changing Woman #1 variant
Superman #42 vol 4
Superman #42 vol 4 variant
Wild Storm #12
Wild Storm #12 hitch variant
Wild Storm #12 lee variant

Amazing Spider-Man #795 second print
Amazing Spider-Man #797
Amazing Spider-Man #797 connecting variant
Amazing Spider-Man #797 kuder young guns
Amazing Spider-Man #797 mcguinness design variant
Amazing Spider-Man #797 mighty thor variant
Amazing Spider-Man #797 remastered b&w variant
Amazing Spider-Man #797 remastered variant
Avengers #679 second print
Avengers #683
Avengers #683 ramos mighty thor variant
Black Bolt #11
Captain America #699
Doctor Strange Damnation #2
Doctor Strange Damnation #2 agents of shield road to
Doctor Strange Damnation #2 connecting variant
Doctor Strange Damnation #2 lim variant
Doctor Strange Damnation #2 mighty thor variant
Doctor Strange Damnation #2 tarnation cover
Hawkeye #16 vol 5
Iceman #11 vol 3
Infinity Countdown #1
Infinity Countdown #1 agents of shield road To 100
Infinity Countdown #1 captain marvel holds Infinity
Infinity Countdown #1 connecting variant
Infinity Countdown #1 derrington
Infinity Countdown #1 duarte variant
Infinity Countdown #1 lim wraparound variant
Infinity Countdown #1 mighty thor variant
Infinity Countdown #1 trading card variant
Marvels Ant-Man And Wasp Prelude #1
Rise Of Black Panther #3
Rise Of Black Panther #3 marvel super heroes adventur
Rogue & Gambit #3
She-Hulk #163
Spider-Man #238
Star Wars #44 vol 4
Star Wars #44 vol 4 galactic icon variant
Thanos #13 vol 2 third print
True Believers Venom Sybiosis #1
True Believers Venom Vs Spider-Man #1
Venom #163
X-Men Gold #23
X-Men Gold #23 new mutants variant
X-Men Red #1 second print
X-Men Red #2
X-Men Red #2 headshot variant
X-Men Red #2 new mutants variant

Assassinistas #3 cover a
Assassinistas #3 cover b
Atomic Robo Spectre Of Tomorrow #5 cover a
Atomic Robo Spectre Of Tomorrow #5 cover b
Ballad Of Sang #1 cover a
Ballad Of Sang #1 cover b
Black Betty #2 cover a
Black Betty #2 cover b
Black Betty #2 cover c
Black Betty #2 cover d
Black Betty #2 cover e
Black Betty #2 cover f
Bloodshot Salvation #7
Bloodshot Salvation #7 pre order cover
Call Of The Suicide Forest #2
Dejah Thoris #2 vol 2
Doctor Who 10Th Doctor Year Three #14
East Of West #36
Elsewhere #5
Extremity #12 cover a
Extremity #12 cover b
Fix #11
Frankenstein Alive Alive #4
Ghostbusters Annual 2018
Giant Days #36
Gideon Falls #1 cover a
Gideon Falls #1 cover b
Gideon Falls #1 cover c
Gravediggers Union #5
Green Hornet #1 vol 6 cover a
Green Hornet #1 vol 6 cover b
Hatchet #3
I Hate Fairyland #17 cover a
I Hate Fairyland #17 cover b
Incognegro Renaissance #2
Jughead The Hunger #4 cover a
Jughead The Hunger #4 cover b
Jughead The Hunger #4 cover c
Librarians #4 cover a
Librarians #4 cover b
Mech Cadet Yu #7
Mech Cadet Yu #7 subscription
Monstro Mechanica #4
Oblivion Song #1
October Faction Supernatural Dreams #1 cover a
October Faction Supernatural Dreams #1 cover b
Prism Stalker #1
Rasputin Voice Of Dragon #5
Rasputin Voice Of Dragon #5 variant
Rick & Morty Presents #1 the vindicators cover a
Rick & Morty Presents #1 the vindicators cover b
Savage Dragon #232
Scales & Scoundrels #7
Shadow Batman #6
Spider King #1
Spread #25
Star Trek Boldly Go #17
Strangers In Paradise XXV #2
The Xii #1
Tick 2017 #3
Uber Invasion #12
Van Helsing Vs Robyn Hood #3
VS #1 second print
Walking Dead #177
Walking Dead #177 variant cover
Wicked & Divine #34 cover a
Wicked & Divine #34 cover b

Adventure Time #74
Adventure Time #74 subscription
Donald And Mickey Big Fat Flat Blot Plot TPB
Hero Cats #21
Skylanders Spyro & Friends Quarterly Biting Back cover a
Skylanders Spyro & Friends Quarterly Biting Back cover b
Splatoon Manga Gn Vol 02
Star Wars Adventures #7 cover a
Star Wars Adventures #7 cover b
Star Wars Adventures #7 variant
Uncle Scrooge Bodacious Butterfly Trail TPB

Avengers & The Infinity Gauntlet TPB
Batman & Harley Quinn HC
Batman & Superman In Worlds Finest The Silver Age Vol 02
Batman By Neal Adams TPB Book 01
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Season 8 TPB
Chimichanga HC Sorrow Of Worlds Worst Face
Daredevil By Waid & Samnee Omnibus HC Vol 02
Deadpool Minibus HC Vol 00
Firebug TPB
Hellblazer TPB Vol 03 The Inspiration Game Rebirth
Infinity Gauntlet Box HC Slipcase Set
Justice League Of America Vol 03 Panic Microverse TPB (Rebirth)
Justice League Power & Glory Tp
Kamandi By Jack Kirby Omnibus HC
Lobster Johnson TPB Vol 06 Chain Forged In Life
Spider-Man/Deadpool By Kelly & Mcguinness HC
Super Sons TPB Vol 02 Planet Of The Capes Rebirth
Tales Of The Batman Gene Colan HC Vol 02
The Sentry TPB New Ptg
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl HC Vol 03
Walking Dead TPB Vol 29
Welcome to the World of Sonic SC
X-Files Origins TPB Vol 02 Dog Days Of Summer

New Comic Releases for 28 Feb 2018!

Action Comics #998
Batgirl #20 vol 4
Batman Beyond #17
Blue Beetle #18 vol 4
Demon Hell Is Earth #4
Detective Comics #975
Doom Patrol JLA Special #1
Flash #41 vol 5
Gotham City Garage #10
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #39
Hellblazer #19
Imaginary Fiends #4
Justice League Of America #25
Mera Queen Of Atlantis #1
Motherlands #2
Raven Daughter Of Darkness #2
Ruff & Reddy Show #5
Silencer #2
Suicide Squad #36 vol 4
Teen Titans #17 vol 7
Terrifics #1
Wonder Woman #41 vol 5

All New Wolverine #31
Amazing Spider-Man #794 second print
America #12
Avengers #677 second print
Avengers #678 second print
Avengers #682
Black Panther #170
Captain Marvel #129
Champions #17 vol 2
Despicable Deadpool #295
Doctor Strange #386
Gwenpool #25
Invincible Iron Man #597
Jessica Jones #17
Legion #2
Lockjaw #1
Marvels Avengers Infinity War Prelude #2
Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #28
Moon Knight #192
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #300
Spider-Gwen #29
Spider-Man Deadpool #28
Star Wars Darth Vader #12
Thanos #15 vol 2 second print
Thanos #16
X-Men Blue #22
X-Men Blue Annual #1


Abbot #1 second print
Abbott #2
Agent 47 Birth Of Hitman #4
Alisik Fall #1
Amazing Cerebus #1
Backways #3
Beef #1
Bettie Page #8
Betty And Veronica Vixens #4
Big Trouble In Little China Old Man Jack #6
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 11 Giles #1
Catalyst Prime Incidentals #6
Catalyst Prime Kino #4
Days Of Hate #2
Doctor Star & Kingdom Lost Tomorrows #1
Elfquest Final Quest #24
Fu Jitsu #5
Gasolina #6
Gi Joe A Real American Hero #247 second print
GI Joe A Real American Hero #249
GI Joe Vs Six Million Dollar Man #1
Go Go Power Rangers #7
Gold Digger #250
Grimm Fairy Tales #12 vol 2
Grimm Fairy Tales Dance Of The Dead #4
Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Tales Of Terror #13
Hack Slash Resurrection #5
Hungry Ghosts #2
Iron Maiden Legacy Of The Beast #3
Jim Henson Labyrinth #1
Kiss Army of Darkness #1
Knights Of The Dinner Table #252
Kong Of Skull Island TPB Vol 03
Lumberjanes #47
Motor Crush #10
Optimus Prime #16
Optimus Prime Annual 2018
Rat Queens #8
Redneck #10
Rick & Morty #35
Rom & The Micronauts #3
Rough Riders Ride Or Die #1
Royal City #10
Saga #49
Spawn #283
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ongoing #79
Throwaways #12
Transformers Lost Light #15
Transformers Vs Visionaries #3
Trumps Titans Vs Mandela Effect #1
Twisted Romance #4
Void Trip #4
Wilds #1
X-O Manowar #12 vol 4

Donald Duck Nest Of The Demonbirds TPB
Ducktales #6 vol 4
My Little Pony Legends Of Magic #11
Pokemon Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire Gn Vol 06
Scooby Doo Team Up #35
Steven Universe #13 vol 2

American Gods HC Vol 01 Shadows
Batman Super Powers TPB
Captain America TPB Adventures Of Captain America
Crosswind TPB Vol 01
Despicable Deadpool TPB Vol 01 Deadpool Kills Cable
Dmz TPB Book 04
Eleanor & The Egret Vol 1
Glitterbomb TPB Vol 02 Fame Game
Justice League Vol 05 Legacy TPB (Rebirth)
Kiss Vampirella TPB
Kong Of Skull Island TPB Vol 03
Legion Son Of X TPB Vol 02 Invasive Exotics
New Mutants Epic Collection TPB Curse Of Valkyries
Star Wars Jedi Of The Republic Mace Windu TPB
Superman The Many Worlds Of Krypton TPB
Teen Titans TPB Vol 2 Rise of Aqualad Rebirth
Tomb Raider Library Edition HC Vol 01
Uncanny Avengers Vol 5 Cannonball Run (Unity) TPB
Unstoppable Wasp TPB Vol 02 Agents Of Girl
Weapon X TPB Vol 02 Hunt For Weapon H

Black Friday at Division Location!

We will be opening at our regular hours at the Division location as no one in their right mind wants to get up at 3 in the morning to go shopping. We are having a sale though because we know you need a break from shopping for everyone else and need a little of bit of you time. We are here for you. At 11:00 anyway. Before that you are on your own.

Regular Back Issues will be 25% off and the books behind the counter and in the display cases will be 20% off!

Graphic Novels, new and used, will be 25% off as well!

Happy Thanksgiving!

October 11 and 25

First up 11 – I forgot to hit post…..

FanNexus was last week. It did not go well.
The basic idea of the con is really pretty good. Seven immersive environments where the convention goer can enjoy being in an Anime or Steampunk or SuperHero world and revel in the wonder of each….
Tuesday night at 8:30 they dropped off fliers for all you customers who hadn’t heard of the show with a hefty discount but told me that I couldn’t mention the discount on our Facebook or Website. That left two days to give away coupons which really isn’t enough time to get things moving.
I had offered to help promote it during the past year with fliers and posters and mentions on all of our digital accounts but they never took us up on it until two days before the show.
They offered me a table for giving out the fliers and I told them that I could put out free comics but really wasn’t set up to man it for three days on a couple of days notice. I am glad I wasn’t able to set anything up as attendance was quite sparse.
A video surfaced Friday afternoon of a nearly empty show spread over 165,000sf. Room after room of empty. A room with 150 chairs and a large screen tv sitting empty, a massive lounge with no loungers etc.
I took the kids down on Saturday and my daughter went though the entire show and then went through it again to make sure she didn’t miss anything and it took her about 45 minutes. My son did enjoy the nerf sword fighting and could have probably done that for several hours with small breaks to switch to larger nerf weapons and an hour on the cooperative video space ship simulator but he did not argue when I said it was time to leave….
The immersive environments did not live up to their original idea or sales pitch. The Anime section was basically a CandyLand game walk through with some anime cutouts which took less than two minutes as we drug it out. The steampunk section was a 32 foot long section of steampunk items sitting on tables and a couple of larger items that people had made. $65 for a three day pass or $40 per day was a pretty stiff cost for what was there.
I think if they had tried a single day or perhaps two days at a third the price and more content, it could have been a show that would have at least satisfied people but as it was, there just wasn’t enough there to justify anything. I was told several dealers packed up Saturday and didn’t stick around for the final day and the the dealers that did stay told me that Sunday was even worse than the previous days if that were possible.
Seeing Walter Koenig just sitting at an empty table waiting for someone, anyone to buy a pic or get an autograph was kind of disheartening. A bit of advertising might have made a difference but in the end, the content just was not there whether they had more attendees or not. -Craig!

Its Christmas stocking up time! We have pallets and boxes of new and recent items building up for the December madness which is almost upon us! Its only 9 Fridays until Christmas!

4 October 2017

Fan Nexus Convention is this coming weekend! It’s an immersive adventure with seven different genre themed worlds taking place at the Spokane Convention Center Friday through Sunday. Just for customers of The Comic Book Shop, we have a special entry deal that you can only get with a coupon that you pick up in store! It is an extremely attractive offer and you can only get the coupon and code in our stores!
The Fan Nexus is an extremely daring event and if they can pull off what they are promising, it will be a game changer and will probably be integrated to a degree in most of the larger conventions in the US. Check out their website for more info:
I got the first batch of books back from the comic book grading company CGC and its pretty good. X-men 1 is 5.0, Tales for Astonish 13, the first Groot 3.0, Incredible Hulk 2 6.5, Tales of Suspense 39 the first Iron Man 3.0, Fantastic Four 12 the first Hulk Thing meeting 6.5, Fantastic Four 5 the first appearance of Doctor Doom 6.5, Avengers 1 4.0, Avengers 4 the first silver age Captain America 3.0 and Daredevil 1 3.0.
The best news is Fantastic Four #1 which came in at 6.0 and The Incredible Hulk #1 at 5.0 which is really good for both but even better is that they are both graded with White Pages which is really rare on both books.
I will be sending in another batch of the books this week. The hardest part of getting the books back with that nice of a grade will be selling them. I haven’t been tempted to keep any books in quite awhile but these are making me think “instant mega collection.” I will have to fight that urge.
Speaking of back issues, we have put out a ton more back issues from the 80’s and 90’s and we have lots more that are ready to be processed! Really cool stuff.