4 April 2018

Do any of our wonderful customers have the time and ability to paste and hang three 8 foot by 2 foot strips of wallpaper at the Northtown location? We can pay you in credit towards all our wonderful merchandise!

Free Comic Book Day is coming up quick! May 5th to be precise – Only one month away! As its such a chaotic day, we wont be running any sales that day but will be having a sale a week or two later and will be handing out notices of the particulars at FCBD.

The unthinkable has happened! We ran out of comic book bags for sale but we have a huge shipment arriving by Friday.

The Division location got in a nice low grade golden age collection last week which had a bunch of Batman and Superman from the 40’s and a ton of Disney and such. Its all priced in the two boxes of recent back issues on the front counter!

Division also got in three different groups of Cereal giveaways last week. We havent had any in several years and then poof! There are the Super POP inserts including the Donald Duck Atomic Bomb rarity, a Superman from the 50’s and a Superman and Batman from the 70’s. Pretty cool stuff. Additionally we got in a Matt Groenig limited edition mini comic from the early 80’s. Its a very scarce mini.

New comics are delayed about 2 hours this morning due to them being loaded off the wrong dock in California and missing their normal Tuesday arrival. They should all on the stands by noon or so.

Just in time for Summer, the mall location just got in a ton of Kigarumes! What are Kigarumes? Adult onsies that let you dress up like your favorite animal or dragon or odd character with the simple act of climbing into a suit….

Please check the link off our website, http://www.thecomicbookshop.net for the list of this weeks new releases!

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