4 October 2017

Fan Nexus Convention is this coming weekend! It’s an immersive adventure with seven different genre themed worlds taking place at the Spokane Convention Center Friday through Sunday. Just for customers of The Comic Book Shop, we have a special entry deal that you can only get with a coupon that you pick up in store! It is an extremely attractive offer and you can only get the coupon and code in our stores!
The Fan Nexus is an extremely daring event and if they can pull off what they are promising, it will be a game changer and will probably be integrated to a degree in most of the larger conventions in the US. Check out their website for more info:
I got the first batch of books back from the comic book grading company CGC and its pretty good. X-men 1 is 5.0, Tales for Astonish 13, the first Groot 3.0, Incredible Hulk 2 6.5, Tales of Suspense 39 the first Iron Man 3.0, Fantastic Four 12 the first Hulk Thing meeting 6.5, Fantastic Four 5 the first appearance of Doctor Doom 6.5, Avengers 1 4.0, Avengers 4 the first silver age Captain America 3.0 and Daredevil 1 3.0.
The best news is Fantastic Four #1 which came in at 6.0 and The Incredible Hulk #1 at 5.0 which is really good for both but even better is that they are both graded with White Pages which is really rare on both books.
I will be sending in another batch of the books this week. The hardest part of getting the books back with that nice of a grade will be selling them. I haven’t been tempted to keep any books in quite awhile but these are making me think “instant mega collection.” I will have to fight that urge.
Speaking of back issues, we have put out a ton more back issues from the 80’s and 90’s and we have lots more that are ready to be processed! Really cool stuff.

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