6 September 2017

The new racks are up at division. Some of them anyway. I will probably add more in the next couple months.
So far we have the ability to add 30 long boxes of new back issues and have already added over 1,000 new comics last week.
Everything from Spawn to Lady Death and Wildcats went out as it seemed to be the best of the early 90’s! We still have about 4 more long boxes to go and all are backerboarded and cover pretty much everything that came out from DC, Marvel, Image and the early split offs from Image during a 4 or so year period of time.
I am going to move most of the games back to the Northtown mall location but we will be keeping a top 20 best sellers in the US section.
If you are interested in playing any games we are currently running D&D, Heroclix, Magic, Pokemon and YuGiOh. Please check the calendar on our webside for times and updates on new games. We have a Pokemon League Cup this Sunday which is always a nice competitive tournament with some really great prizes from Pokemon including special playmats!
The new and old toys section at the division store is slowly growing and will soon overwhelm the area that the games currently inhabit. I should have a new load of old/new toys in the next week or so to bring it back to overstocked!
Just because I didn’t have enough back issues to go through and price, I picked up about 3,000 more which are being added to the pile. More 90’s books primarily DC and Marvel with just a few Image and independents.
We got in our new Comic Book Shop T-shirts this week! It’s a reprint of our last design which is the Logo Front version. I intended to create a new one but time kept slipping by and it wasn’t happening so I went with what they had in their files to get the ball rolling. More designs hopefully in the next few months! This run of shirts is only $9.95 and runs from small to 6xl in mens sizes and s to 2xl in Womens cut! The quality is extremely nice.
New comics have now been ontime for 3 weeks in a row! Hopefully I didn’t jinx it but we may be back on a regular schedule until the middle of December when its always a bit wonky.
Division got in a good order of action figures and other toys this week which is the start of the mid year makeover where they will replace a chunk of the games we sell there. We will be keeping the top 25 or so best sellers from the national sales lists which should be a much better fit for the store rather than trying to do it all along with all the other stuff we sell. Onward and upward!

I am heading off to look at a comic collection this afternoon which, if I get it, will give us some really amazing books including a pretty copy of Fantastic Four #1 and most of the other #1’s and first appearances of the early Marvel Silver Age! Keep your fingers crossed!

We just got in a full run of the Walking Dead trade paperbacks used and in really nice shape if you are looking to spend the next 48 buried in zombies!

From a recent collection I picked up I started making packs of mini series from the 90’s through the early 2000’s. Its a great way to read some full stories, many of which have never been reprinted in trade form, without having to hunt down that random issue that always seems to be missing from a set. Even better, I got a really great deal on them so I am pricing them really low!

We have a massive reorder of POP! figures this next week! It looks like somewhere over 1,500 figures which will be split between Division and Northtown and a new small section at CandyWorks!

The mall location is having a huge back to school backpack sale with 25% off all backpacks in stock! Lots of Anime and Manga and a ton of Pokemon all ready for your first day of school or new job!

I bought another really large Marvel collection a week ago or so which included complete runs of Fantastic Four, Avengers, Daredevil, Strange Tales, Tales to Astonish, Hulk 1,3,5, Tales of Suspense 39 and tons more keys and amazing books! Looking up on this note, I mentioned that I was heading out to look at this collection. Short story shorter, I got it….

The big books are all at CGC in Sarasota FL and arrived just in time to see all the sites including the biggest hurricane to hit the US in a century! They will have quite a tale to tell when they float back into town.

I just noticed that I have been forgetting to actually publish these notes on our website for the past month…. They have been sitting in the draft portion and I have just been adding to them…..

The game section at Division has now been mostly moved to the mall location and have been replaced with hundreds of POP! figures! We will just be keeping the bigger sellers in stock instead of chasing everything.

I am going to post this one right now just so I dont forget again!