2 August 2017

Kuronekocon was last weekend. Two days of Anime and Manga madness with over 2,400 of our closest friends! It took me three trips in our mega sized store van to get everything there and only only one and a quarter trips to get the rest of it back out! It was a very busy and good show and everyone looked like they were enjoying it!
Thanks to all the staff that helped us have a great show and to Carly who came back from the world beyond working here to help man the tables.
We had a Pokemon pre-release weekend the weekend before Kuronekocon and it was the largest turnout that we have had so far. One hundred and fifteen people split between two tournaments which from what we can tell looks to be the largest pre-release in the state! There are still several days that events can be run so someone might beat our totals, but its looking pretty good so far! What those numbers mean for us is that we will get enough pre release kits for 168 players in the next set! Pokemon is now running neck and neck with Magic in overall sales for us! Not bad for just starting their events a couple of years ago.
I am putting some new shelves this week to handle back issues at the Division location. We seem to have a lot more comics than room so its time to build upwards. The new shelves will allow us to put in another 30 or so long boxes (about 10,000 comics) which should solve all our space problems for about 8 days…