26 July

This weekend is Kuronekocon! Two days of Anime and Manga madness and panels and cosplay unequalled by any other show in Spokane! Two days of dances, merchandise, near heat exhaustion, video games, streaming anime rooms, nerf sword battles, computer and video gaming and live cosplay chess await you.
Please go to https://kuronekocon.com for all the information on this show and we will see you there!
We have started moving a bit into the classic toy market and will be dedicating some room to it near our current toy section. Please check back each week for new stuff! So far we are putting out 30 to 40 ‘new’ old cool toys each week.
We are currently putting out about 1,000 new back issue comics. This week it’s the best of the 90’s! Lady Death, Vampirella, Pitt, Maxx, Aria and more! We also put out about 500 Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck from the 60’s through the 90’s. Most are priced from $1 to $3!
Hopefully all of our shipments will be back on regular schedules! 5 of 6 weeks they have been late for us which means the books don’t hit the stands until about noon which is really annoying for the both of us. Keep your fingers crossed.

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