June 9th

The Lilac City Comicon was last weekend and it was by all accounts a success! I don’t know the final attendance numbers but it was crowded from the beginning of Saturday morning nearly to close on Sunday afternoon.
Generally the second day of a show is rather slow which is why I was so much against it but I was wrong about this one. I think there was probably 2/3 as many people the second day and nearly as many costumes as day one. It was a really good day business wise as well which was the biggest surprise of all. I think most dealers were pretty happy compared with other shows.
The next show up is Kuronekocon which is the Anime/Manga show! If you thought there were lots of costumes at Lilac City, you aint seen nothing yet….. Where 20% of the attendees were in costume this last weekend, probably 60% or more will be dressed up for this one. We have six or so tables at that show and have an insane amount of costumes and plush figures and stuff and we bring in lots of new stuff from Hong Kong just for the event! That will be July 29th and 30th.
We sell passes for Kuronekucon at the Mall store only.
We just got in two Spawn collections 1-40 and 50-200! If you are missing any now is your chance. The first 20 are pretty common but after that its really spotty and they don’t show up that often in large groups.
Life lesson of the week. I just had the oil changed in my van and requested the cheapest service as it’s a new van and really doesn’t need special treatment etc. I was informed that the computer at the oil change place recommends synthetic oil as that’s what was in the vehicle and was only $79.99. I told them I wanted the $30 service and was informed with lots of hand gestures that you cant just switch oils, it has to be a step down process or it will adversely affect the engine. My ‘huh, I have never heard that one before’ mixed with my natural look of ‘do you have to have your mother help you with your shoelaces each morning?’ had him backpedaling pretty quick and he offered the basic service. The lesson is you can switch at any time as many times as you want and unless your car requires it or is really high miles, save the $40. Synthetic oil is regular oil with extra additives and is not a magical brew. The more you know! -Craig!

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