April 30th

Lilac City Comicon is this weekend! We will be there both days selling…. T-shirts! T-shirts and hoodies are the winners this year and we will have somewhere over 1,500 of them all on super sale! The more we sell the more new ones we can get in at the mall location so we want to sell a lot!

If you still need tickets we have a few left at both stores. The VIP tickets are gone but we still have day passes. You can save a few dollars by buying in store rather than online.

I think we will also be selling fidget spinners at the show as well. We just got in a massive order from one of our vendors so what better venue than a group of 5,000 happy people that need something shiny and spinny.

I have decided to start bringing in more collector toys to the Division location which should start in the next month or so. It takes a bit of time before everything arrives.

The Division location is now buying Magic singles Monday through Thursday 11-4! Adam will be your point of contact. Please call first to make sure he is here just to be safe.

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