Feb 7 and 15 2017

The Coast to Coast Comic Convention last weekend went over pretty well! Both stores were exceptionally busy especially in light of the fact that half of Spokane was in Seattle at the Emerald City Comicon where we were live streaming our event from!
We will have some of the cool special limited edition covers that were created just for the event and they are all still available at their original cover price.
Once cool thing was late in the afternoon, Brian Posehn the actor, stand up comic and comic book writer showed up for his weekly comic fix as he was in town for a couple of shows at the Comedy Club.
Before he left I got a photo with him and he offered to sign any of the Deadpool books he worked on which was rather nice of him. Hopefully next time he is in town we will be able to set up an instore signing either here or at the mall location which should bring in lots of people to the shop and help him sell tickets to his shows. It should work out well for the both of us.
The new location at the mall is nearly finished! I was rather surprised they have been able to get it done that quickly but it looks really good. There are a few quirks that I really don’t like but oh well that is life.
We are still on track to be open prior to April 1st at this point and I just talked to a contractor about moving our sign and next up is transferring Comcast and having it work both on our last day at the old location and on the first at the new. Its harder than you think.
I am heading off to one of the old Hastings stores this morning to pick up a ton of their floor displays to set up in the new store and to replace the racks we have at Division that the supplies and games are sitting on. I really hate those shelves so hopefully these new ones will work much better. At the very least they will give us a lot more room down each isle as they are only two feet wide instead of the current three. Wish my back luck. All these shelves are steel and weigh a ton……
We have a massive order of Gundam coming in this week for both stores along with lots of new Funko Pops and other assorted toys.
The new camera system I put up in the game area of the mall store about a month ago that I now have to remove paid off last week with Gabe catching a guy stealing another players binder of cards! I love the resolution of the new cameras as you can watch the thief look around, pick up the binder, put it in his backpack and move away and sit down. When confronted, he informed us that it was just a misunderstanding and that he was going to look for the owner of the binder but just forgot it in his bag. The kid got his binder back, the thief was kicked out of the mall for a year and the tournament went on and the store avoids a blackeye, Twas a good day.

We got the keys for the new location at the Mall Wednesday morning! I spent several hours there unloading and building new shelving and trying to figure out the spacial configuration. This one is going to be tricky.

The set up is a bit problematic as part of the mall heating and air conditioning duct work goes through the center of the where the two stores they joined together meet. There is also the problem of two large steel beams that seem to hold the mall up being in nearly the same location so that impacted the way the stores could be joined.

What we ended up with is two locations that are joined by two holes/doors/openings through the wall, one being 9 feet wide and the other about 4. It gives the store an odd sealed in look so we have to figure out a way to direct people into the second section using the feng shui of the fixtures. Its going to be a lot of trial and error. The downside is that the later altering of the shop and tinkering with shelving placement is that all the new shelves are steel. Thick steel. With no wheels.

Speaking of new fixtures we replaced the ones we replaced last year with some of the ones I just bought from the guy who owns the building that Hastings had been in. When Hastings left, they abandoned everything they had not sold and just left it for the building owner to deal with. I contacted the realty company and they are selling us what we want which is probably much easier than just carting it off somewhere else.

Both stores have large Gundam model orders coming in this week and from the same company, Star Wars models from Japan! If the quality is anywhere near as nice then we will have some great stuff.

I am off to work at the new store right now! -Craig!

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