11 and 18 Jan 2017

The after Christmas restock has started! We have been getting in huge shipments of new t-shirts and stuff at the mall for the past week and a half and today we just got in a large order of all new mugs and cups! Those will all be at the mall Comic Book Shop and also at Candy Works.
The Division location has been packing up their mugs and cups and moving them up to the mall location to make room for new stuff! We will bring it all back next October in time for Christmas.
Division has started receiving new t-shirt designs in limited quantities. We will have several new designs each month and move previous months out as quickly.
There is a new Pokemon release this month and of course we have a pre-release tournament. Pokemon is on a huge upswing and we have about 40 people who play each Tuesday—If you would like to learn, we hold classes the last Saturday of each month at 2:00 and they are just $5 for an hour and you get to keep the deck we teach you with. I play each week along with my son and it wouldn’t take you much effort to get better than me and kick my butt every Tuesday.
Free Comic Book Day is already back on the radar. The books are all in the current Previews and include a new Scottie Young book, a Rick and Morty, a new Spider-man and a Mysterious DC book. Of course the DC might not be mysterious, they might just no know what they are doing yet and are just pretending…..


We have almost finished packing up the mugs and cups from Division – there were a ton more than I thought there were. They should all be up at the mall withing a few days and we can start on the back wall. Right now, it looks like it will make a nice display for board games and wall art for the next couple of months. We will see what it morphs into.
I am putting in another tshirt order for Division this week as it looks like we already need some new designs. I like the small incremental orders better at the Division store better than trying to do it like the mall and just order a ton of a million styles. They have the traffic for that kind of ordering which Division lacks.
Division should be getting in several new/old statues in this week to add to the batch that we got in several weeks ago. If you havent seen the last batch, they are in the bookcases near the used graphic novels and include Grendel, Batman and even an Aeon Flux!
The first of the Marvel promotional comic boxes arrived this week and they look great! They are about the same size as a regular short box and feature Champions art on each side and top and only cost 5.99! Hopefully this program will continue as its probably the best promotional type item Marvel has offered in years.

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