3 January 2017

Its the new year! Spring is just around the corner! I cant wait.

It was a very good year for us and I would like to thank everyone who helped make it happen! That means you! We really appreciate all the support and friendship that you have given us for this year and for the past 27. I am grateful that you have helped make us one of the longer lasting comic book stores in the US. I think the average life span of a comic book store is under two years and very few that make it past that even get to five so what you and all of the current and past employees here have accomplished is really something special.

I would also like to get a special round of applause for our wonderful staff:

At Division we have Steven and Kevin! Our weekly bagging staff is Andy, Shawn, Adam, Madison and sometimes Keith and DJ!

At the mall we have Gabe, Jen, JW, Mitch and Josh!

At Candyworks its Anna (who works all three stores), Moonie, and Trinity!

They all put in a lot of effort each week to make the stores and events run smooth and look effortless which is a huge pain in the butt at times but they usually pull it off and you seldom hear the behind the scenes screaming, cussing and pain.

I hope you all have a great upcoming year and I am looking forward to lots of new directions and tinkerings ’cause thats what I really enjoy!

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