27 October 2016

Our 28th Anniversary Sale is coming up this weekend. Only 3 months late which is actually pretty good for me. One of them took several years. I think we actually had several other anniversary sales before the one we were supposed to have. We did do it eventually though…. Anyway, this Saturday and Sunday only at the Division location its a sale!

If you are a Subscriber, you should have gotten or will be getting a post card in the mail with all the details in the next day or so. If not we will have signs all over the store Saturday morning telling you the details.

Christmas is quickly approaching and the mall is bulking up rather quickly – its a good time to start shopping before the actual chaos of Christmas shopping starts.
If you collect PoP! Funko figures, this week we received a shipment of PX exclusive Batman/Dark Knight in armor! We only have 30 split between the shops so…..

The Division store is going to start bulking up on their toy section this week. We will be taking some of each shipment that comes into the mall store so it will be a steady stream of new cool stuff! The new stuff should go well with all the new statues and other assorted neat stuff that has been showing up.

Halloween is already here! The mall stores will both be handing out candy starting at 6:00 and running to 8:00 or until we run out. Its a nice climate controlled enviroment for you and your younger kids. There are probably about a million kids running through the place store to store but its a nice painless way to keep out of the possible rain on Monday. -Craig!

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