19 October 2016

The Shadle Hastings is closing today (Tuesday).  The Valley and South Hill locations are going to stick around for another week or two until most of the stuff is gone.

I picked up the rest of their wall book cases which puts us somewhere around 30 which will give us a ton of them for the new Northtown locations.  Probably too many but

its always better than not enough and have to make do with something that looks like crap.

I will be going in today and see if there are any little things I missed.  Hopefully not as our storage problem is getting worse and worse….

We are going to have our late anniversary sale on the 29 and 30th of this month.  There, its in print and its going to happen.  I was trying for the week prior but we had

huge problems with merging dbf files, printers and paper.  Nothing was cooperating and I ran out of time.  Most if not all of those problems should be remedied this week.  If not, the sale goes on anyway and I will blast it out on Facebook and our website.  Both are inefficient since we rely on other peoples algorithm’s but we will make do if necessary.

Anyway a short one again this week as I have to get this in print for the first arrivals on Wednesday morning and that is right….about…..now…..                                                  -Craig!


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