11 October 2016

Books will be 1 day late this week! Again! They should be on the stands by 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. FedEx Freight did not pick our stuff up until Saturday for some reason which throws us a day behind. Diamond, our distributor, is giving us free freight for two weeks which is nice but the books on time would be better…. Diamond is trying to figure out what is going on as they said one is an anomoly but two is a pattern and is worrysome. Hopefully its all fixed this week and everything is back to normal just in time for the snow to disrupt it all again! Anyway, books will be avaiable on the stands by about 2:00 Wednesday afternoon.

Its only 11 Saturdays until Christmas. Black Friday is only 7 away. Time flies way too quick. Of course that means that spring is just around the corner which will be nice.

Sorry for skipping the post last week but I wanted to wait until some paperwork came through and it looks like it has.   The big news I was talking about for the past couple of weeks looks to be the Northtown mall building us a brand new bright and shiny store. There is a major national retailer taking over the entire side of the mall where we are currently located so the power that be have offered to combine two other stores on the same floor into one new mega store with all glass front and lots of light! The square footage of the new store is nearly identical to our current location with the exception of the backrooms being smaller. The only change people will notice is how much cooler the new store is! We will also have an exit to the parking area which will we get to use for our midnight releases and tournaments which will not require people to walk through the empty mall at night. Overall its going to be a really great new store. We are scheduled to open March 1st of next year and should not be closed more than 2 days while we move. Hopefully we will only have to close 1 day but that might be overly optimistic.

I have some ideas that might make a quick move a reality though and thats one of the reasons that I have been buying so many of Hastings fixtures. We will see how well it all works out.

The new mall location will also have a bit of a different product mix and that is something I am working on right now. All the same great stuff we are selling now plus more! More is good and its a product direction we really havent explored before so we will see if it works.

Steven nearly has the Division store graphic novels back in order! There are still a few sections to do but its looking really good and is much more shopable and easier to find stuff which is kinda the whole point of this exercise.

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