28 September 2016

I am going to pick up the next batch of bookcases from Hastings this week and put them in the Northtown mall location. I may actually try and pick up a bunch of extra ones for a new project that should be solidifying in the next week or two. I will give you all the details when everything is organized and firmly in place.
All the older fixtures have been removed from Division and all the new ones are in place and now its time to get the store back in order. Its been way too long in happening. The new cases look nice and will look great once all the books have been moved into them.
Of course on the other hand I really dont like the new cases that I have the games on. They are inefficient and about a foot too wide each and if I can find anything to replace them with I will.
We got in a bunch of the statues that I mentioned a week or two ago and have started filling one of the front cases which looks much nicer than it had previously. Now we just need more cause more is always better.
Our huge supply order came in last week and we have moved all of it to the center isle to divide the games from the graphic novels. Its much easier to see what we have and what we need to restock. We will have a second huge supply order coming in about a week from now which should have
even more cool stuff!
The Christmas season ordering season is in full swing right now with the mall stocking up huge right now. My credit cards are starting to melt a bit….
We had a Magic pre-release last Friday night for the new set and we broke our attendence record! We had 81 attendees which was suprising since the new set wasnt supposed to be a game changing or revolutionary one. Attendence at all our events have been good lately which is really fantastic with over 30 people each week for Pokemon and YuGioh and even more for their tournaments. The aforementioned deal that I am working on is directly related to the instore gaming we have and should enhance it.
After Christmas at the Division location we will be moving all the cups and mugs and such out of the shop and just bring it back each Christmas season since that is the only time it really sells. That goes for several other item lines that sell only seasonally. That will free up a whole wall for new toys and cool stuff.
Marvel is doing something that I hope catches on and that is their own short box line with original art. Hopefully the prices will come down a bit when DC catches on to the great idea and they are competing a bit. I think with Hastings demise and NECCA not having a good outlet for their art boxes any longer the market will get crowded fast with cool art boxes and they will get cheap.

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