13 September 2016

The new website is up and works!  Its not anywhere near where I want the finished product but it is functional!  Right now the main page seems to default to the weekly column (which you are probably noticing if that is where you are reading this) which is okay and hopefully we will make regular updates from both stores.  The new this week link sends you to a page where you click a link to Diamond Comics which gives you the entire list of comics for the week along with cover art and breakdowns of the story and details on the writers and artists!  I was hoping to just have the entire thing displayed on the NTW page but clicking one more link is quick and painless.
We will be playing with the backgrounds and rough formatting in the next few weeks to make it more pleasant.  At least to me anyway.  One nice thing is that when it updates it will make a notation on our Facebook page which you can click or ignore but you will see when stuff is happening.
We are on the countdown to our new bookcases somewhere around the beginning of October!  I think we will have a big mess for a couple of days while we move our current cases around to make room for the new ones but once its all set up its going to be nice.  I am also going to expand the supply area and put it more in the center of the shop which should make it much accessible and easier to browse.  It will then become a divider between the graphic novels and the growing game section which is the next project on the list.

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