Congratulations to Anna who just got married in Seattle!  And here we all just thought she was going away to play games at PAX over the weekend!
    Well as things never really work out the way the you plan, our new website set up will not work exactly like I wanted it to.  Evidently there is a difference between a WordPress site and a site hosted by WordPress using their software.  The main difference in our case is the one that I got will not accept the cool widget from Diamond which will give you a list of this weeks comics with pictures and descriptions.  I am trying to find a work around as its rather great info.  Hopefully I will be able to do something by tonight or at least a reasonable facsimile.
I think I made some headway on it – the new this week link takes you to a page where you can just click for the new books of the week.  Its a step in the right direction.  If it worked.
    The fixures from Hastings that I bought will be available on or about October 1st and I can finally get the Division store straightened up a bit.  I am really hating the chaotic look.  I like chaos, as long as its orderly and tidy.
We had a regional YuGiOh tournament last weekend and got 99 players from around the northwest and Gabe as usual did a fantastic job keeping it organized and under control.  If it had not been a PAX convention in Seattle weekend I think we would have maxed out at 120 or so.
I screwed up last week and did not order Previews magazine.  Not sure how I missed it as its the first time that has happened in 27 years but I emailed Diamond and I am trying to get an emergency shipment of the catalogs in by this week.
I am going to cut this one a bit short this week as I still have lots of tinkering to do with this website.  lots of fun….   -Craig!

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