September 1 2016

Since Matt left a year and a half or so ago he has been doing our New This Week lists and updating the website each week in between sips of beer while he lounges naked on a couch made of the crushed dreams of people who brought him in collections and were sure they had just won the comic book lottery.  That has come to an end as of next week.  Not the crushed dreams part, I am sure he will treasure that for an entire lifetime but the continual updating.
Matt has changed positions in his current job moving on up into the realms of management and the timing of our needs don’t jibe with the starting time of his new duties so we are embarking into the never never world of computer stuff.
As my understanding of computer stuff pretty much ends at trying to find where they hide the book marks in my browser I really have no interest in learning HTML or any of that fun stuff and I have decided to try something different and switch the site over to a format that we can tinker with continually without accidentally crashing the whole site and maybe the California power grid too.
Starting next week when you go to our site it will be a bit different—The New This Week link will take you to a complete list of everything that is coming out that week including pictures and descriptions of each book.  You should be able to print out a text version if you wish to create a shopping list.  The column will be set up more like a blog hopefully with semi weekly posts of new products from both comic book locations.  The gaming and event calendar will be on the right of the front page and if you have any interest in whats going on just click it and our Google calendar will enthrall and excite you.
The updates are linked to our Facebook page and should pop up when made.
Anna has built up the framework of the site over the past week and its all based on WordPress so hopefully it wont be too far above my head and I can play with the setup and fine tuning.  Anna has done a great job in getting my three lines of scribbles on a yellow paper turned into a real site and hopefully I wont break it.  We will see. -Craig!

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